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ABLK, the sonic architect shaping the future of Techno from the vibrant heart of Northern France. With an artistic flair that knows no bounds, ABLK burst onto the scene with a scintillating debut EP released by OBS.CUR (cult collective), kick-starting his electronic odyssey.

But that initial gem was merely a taste of what was to come. ABLK isn’t just a name on a poster; he’s a collaborative force that has forged sonic bonds with genre titans such as Omny Lab, COUP, KTK records, Proclam, Acid Brain, and more, thereby crafting a musical mosaic of incredible richness.

His musical signature? A forthright and epic Techno. The influences of the innovative Belgian Acid scene and French Hard Techno aren’t fleeting inspirations but the deep roots of his sonic aesthetic.

When ABLK storms the stage, a world of captivating vibrations unfolds before you. His shows are an explosive alchemy, a perfect balance between haunting Acid Techno, heavy-bass Industrial Techno, and soul-striking Acidcore. Each set is an invitation to a journey, a sensual and powerful odyssey that captivates, transports, and transforms.

ABLK is more than just a producer; he is a modern storyteller who, through the beats and synths of his new Live, writes an epic where every music lover becomes the hero. Prepare to dive heart and soul into an unprecedented musical adventure where ABLK’s energy guarantees a journey to the very heart of Techno.



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