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Ghent, BE


DJ set
Also available as :
– Subway Shamans
– Epidemie B2B Radze


While the global trend seems to be on the oldschool rave revival, Belgium has never stopped to be on top of the game. Proof of this with one of its offspring, who constantly takes the acid sound to a whole other level : Epidemie.

Bitten by the Ghentian acid virus and instinctively attracted by the filthy use of the 303, he starts to produce in 2009. Just a few years later, his sound already stood out for an acidcore hybrid style of incomparable efficiency, cheerfully flirting with hard-trance, and finds its place on the most renowned imprint of the genre, Obs.cur.

From this follows an exciting decade of live acts & DJ sets over some of the biggest stages and free parties across Europe, shared with an overflowing energy and a contagious passion. A passion that ends up crossing paths with the acid legend Mr Gasmask, with whom he gave birth to the massive hybrid project Subway Shamans. 

Drawing the best from the oldschool acid vibe and treating it with a modern heavy bass and a progressive sound structure, Epidemie keeps spreading his unique style today through solid collabs and performances.



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