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With a certain talent for venturing where we don’t expect them, the X-Wave lads manipulate trance in all its forms and strive to break down the barriers between genres, like psychedelic explorers in search of new vibrations.

Podcast series launched by DJ Sueur & GTI at the end of 2018 and broadcasted every last Saturday of the month on the web radio DY10, X-Wave has quickly become an unmissable event for lovers of the genre. A catalyser for hybrid sound experiences, through which they share their own vision of dance music, mainly focused on oldschool trance.

In a perfect alchemy between goa, psy, prog & acid, the french duo – now based in Berlin – fuses all its textures to create a retro-futuristic universe, with an epicly complex and immersive sound design. A deep, cosmic and groovy vortex where any notion of space and time fades to give way to tribal soundscapes and psy-nostalgic melodies.

Diggers of timeless dancefloor hymns suitable for day and night, hidden producers but not for long, X-Wave is ready to deliver to the dancefloor the most powerful beats and the best acid lines Trance music can create.



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