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Paris / Rennes, FR


LIVE hardware


Since the project started in 2022, Antidot & DICA have quickly carved out their reputation in the trance scene through 100% hardware live acts blending old school goa and full-power acid trance.

Born from the fusion between two friends, DICA, renowned artist from the acid and rave scene, and Antidot, resident of the northern french festival Dox’Art, the duo can count on a deep complicity and a solid experience of the dancefloor. 

In a very short time, they get noticed for their undeniable taste for analog sounds and bring a breath of fresh air to the Goa scene through a modern approach to this music. A powerful and heavy touch added to the retroesque goa melodies, which allows them to find their place at some of the most renowned events of the genre : Dox’Art, Hadra or event Apsara, where their contagious energy manages to bring together purists and new generations of acid headz.

With tracks released on Suntrip Records and many more to come, keep an eye on these two as you will hear much more of their psychedelic dancefloor-breakers in the near future!



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