Stay Up Forever – Expedition Rec – Triple A – KTK – Recollection Rec – OBSCUUR


Rennes, FR


LIVE hardware
Also available as :
– DICA & Teokad (live)
– DICA & Antidot (acid-trance / goa live)


There are many things that cannot be taken away from our Breton friends, and their love for free and unconditional partying is definitely one of them. This love, few people transmit it just as well as DICA behind his machines.

From the enthusiasm of his first raves around 10 years ago to his current live performances, it must be said that the artist from Rennes seems to have come a long way.

Strongly influenced by the acid vibrations emerging from the other side of the Channel, it is through Acid UK and flagship labels of this movement that he finds the impulse for creating his own music, and quickly surrounding himself with an analogical arsenal.

Groovy rhythms, frenetic TB303… UK influences that we find a few years later mixed with goa-like sounds and an overboosted trance bassline, perfectly melting in a flawlessly driven liveset. A sound universe he shaped so well that it now finds its place on labels such as Fluctuat Rec, KTK, Recollection, SCTR or even Stay Up Forever… The circle is complete.

Co-founder of the rowdy collective Mikrokosm, head of Expedition Records, tireless producer and true architect of the analog party… Get ready cause DICA will make the walls sweat.



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