Rebeltek – Raceway Recordings – RaceTrax – Stay Up Forever – Cluster – Hydraulix


London, GB


DJ set
Also available as Sterling Moss vs Chris Liberator


With dynamic musical taste and timing sharper than a razor, Sterling Moss is renowned for his technically explosive DJ style that never fails to electrify crowds the world over. 

Having toured extensively in over 25 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, he regularly rocks dancefloors all around the globe.

Tirelessly stoking a 303 & 909 driven rebellion from the Sound Lab studio whilst being involved with some of the biggest acid techno releases of the last two decades, his tight collaborations alongside the mighty Stay Up Forever crew have made himself one of the key players of the acid UK movement.

Counting numerous releases & cutting-edge productions on his own labels Rebeltek, Raceway or Racetrax, his punk infused acid style has also found its place on more than 50 other international imprints. 

Innovative DJ, producer, promoter and also programmer – as evidenced by his experience with Roland Synthesizers Japan which worked with him after they were impressed by his use of the famous TR-909 – he is always exploring new ideas and musical fields.

After 25 years of djing, Sterling Moss continues to spread his unruly musical message over the world today through legendary skills, burning 303’s and explosive selections.



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