Anthropoid – DCT – Demontage – Mysteries – Chiaroscuro


Prague, HZ


Also available as TMH & Adam Vandal (live)


Feel free and ask for train tickets to the strange world of TMH…

With rudimental experience gained within basic musical education and first attempts with bands and hip hop projects, it was clear that music played a major role on his way to the melting point. This took place in the cellar of a friend, where he first encountered the hypnotizing movements of a turntable. From that moment, nothing was the same again…

Strong desire for music, which was missing at parties these days, pushed him to playing live and exploring ways to materialize his ideas. An old notebook, borrowed machines from friends, anything that made noise was put into work to build his first livesets.

From there followed years of parties and travel between Czech Republic, Romania and Italy with his sound system Tranzit and other crews. Meetings as well, especially with Cyberoos, with whom he gave birth to the epic Tribal Engineers project in 2014. A more hardware based counterpart to his software-based production.

Today, his music can be described as a swaggy tribe with strong mental and psychedelic influences. A perfect balance between emotional melodies, numerous layers of hi-hats and punchy kicks connected to dynamic basslines, never failing to hypnotize the crowds. He also loves to sample vintage Czechoslovakian movies, which is putting an extra level of faded, mellow vibes to his music. 

Between multiple aliases, mesmerizing collaborative livesets with Adam Vandal, stunning works of illustration, his own label Anthropoid Records and a countless number of other projects, TMH will definitely leave a strong legacy to the lost generation of rave kids.



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