Union Trance Mission – Play Labs – Underzone – Hardest Soft – Katana – Everyone On Acid


Paris, FR


DJ set
Also available as Walfroy B2B ABEM


Emerging talent with bubbling influences, Walfroy has been exploring the many corners of the electronic sphere for several years now in order to develop his own unidentified musical object.

Fond of rave sounds, old school techno and other forbidden trajectories, the native Lyonnais now living in Paris seems much more open to his intuitions rather than any desire to fit the mold. It is no coincidence that he is part of the Union Trance Mission team, a label that never ceases to be talked about thanks to a perfect balance between a good dose of boldness and madness.

Perpetual loops strongly imbued with oldschool house and techno, electro breaks, dub-techno waves, acidic vibrations … The multi-faceted producer – notably signed on the mysterious Play Labs – seems to draw on everything that electronic music has to offer. This is also what makes him an unpredictable DJ, constantly trying to be the most adventurous in his mixing technique. With an effective and unique style covering a wide spectrum of rave, trance and sometimes even hardcore, genres meld and tracks flow together in no time.



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